Brainstorm. Write.

Brainstorm. Write.

Pinfig is the visual authoring tool where you capture and express your knowledge in unique ways.


Engage in interactive space

Experience a dynamic space where concepts come to life through interactive experience. From an infinite canvas space to rich text editing, to friction- and context-switch-free views, Pinfig helps you capture complex topics and cultivate deeper knowledge.



Unleash your connected thoughts

Leverage intuitive visual authoring tools that empower you to capture and transform your ideas into expressive representations. From associative to hierarchical to creative thinking, Pinfig helps you externalize and connect your ideas in ways that make sense to you.



Write with a streamlined experience

Elevate your writing process with tools that enhance organization, coherence, and connectivity. From brainstorming and outlining to drafting, Pinfig supports you at every stage of your writing journey.



Collaborate with confidence

Eliminate communication hurdles through secure real-time peer-to-peer collaboration. Your sensitive ideas and data are safeguarded throughout the creative process. Collaborate confidently, knowing your information remains private and protected from start to finish.



Visualize to illuminate deeper insights

Transform your thoughts into vivid visual representations. From sleek grids and radials to intricate concept maps, Pinfig supports you in converting abstract concepts into expressive visuals, illuminating deeper insights and communicating ideas with clarity.

Key Capabilities

Pinfig offer key capabilities to empower your workflows.

Privacy First

Preserves and promotes your right to privacy. Your content truly belongs to you.

Visual Authoring

Interactive visual tools to help you navigate through and make sense of your content.

Secure Collaboration

Invite people to collaborate with you in peer-to-peer private communication.

Infinite Canvas

Infinite board space to organize your knowledge in ways that are meaningful to you.

Interactive Writing

Interactive text editor to quickly capture and express your thinking in unique ways.

Craft Customization

Unique display parameters to customize your content creations to suit your liking best.

Seamless Markdown

Future-proof.. and seamlessly handle and store contents in markdown format.

Smooth Retrieval

Search everywhere to quickly locate the information you need in your knowledge base.

NLP Insight

Natural language processing to decipher, analyze, and extract insights from your notes.

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