Pinfig Roadmap

Initial public roadmap πŸ₯³


We are pleased to present a preview of features in the pipeline for Pinfig's roadmap, all geared towards enhancing the way we make sense of information.

Beta-1: Foundation

Pinfig beta-1 marks the establishment of Pinfig's developmental groundwork. Currently, Pinfig offers an array of features ranging from infinite boards, interactive text editing, styling for node-link and tree-based layouts, natural language processing, peer-to-peer collaboration, and more. While Pinfig has yet to undergo rigorous testing with a large user base, we believe it is stable enough for deployment.

V1: Stability

Our upcoming Pinfig v1 release involves refining user experience. This includes, addressing issues, resolving glitches, and enhancing overall software stability.

V2: Horizon

🌐 Very Large Boards with WebGL: With v2, we introduce the capability to create, explore, and navigate a vast number of cards on a single board (thousands of cards). This empowers your ideas and notes to expand freely, removing the constraints on your creative potential.

πŸ” Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA): Pinfig's purpose extends beyond collecting information; it's about uncovering insights. In v2, we're launching QDA tools that allow you to delve deep into your data, including coding text and PDF documents, unveiling meanings and patterns that may have remained hidden.

πŸ€– Local-First Generative AI: The era of IA technology is upon us! With v2, we're integrating local-first generative AI to enhance your experience. This involves AI-driven suggestions, assistance, and insights, all while ensuring the privacy and security of your content.

🀝 Asynchronous Collaboration: Collaboration knows no bounds of time zones or schedules. Pinfig's v2 promotes asynchronous teamwork. Effortlessly contribute, comment, and brainstorm, regardless of your collaborators' online presence.

Stay tuned! And we're happy to have you join us for this exciting journey.



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